Services and Supports

Pre-release Planning and Transition Support

Are you getting released from a correctional centre? Since inception, Unlocking the Gates Services Society has provided support to individuals leaving correctional facilities in British Columbia. UTG Peer Mentors connect with individuals during their stay in custody to help with pre-release planning and offer peer support during the transition days following release. 

Connecting early allows us to help plan for your release and increases the chances of a successful reintegration.

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Warrant Program

Do you have an outstanding warrant? UTG provides immediate support to individuals in the community with outstanding warrants. 

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Probation/Bail Resolution Program

Are you on probation or bail? UTG’s Peer Mentors support individuals to successfully complete their probation/bail order. The Probation/Bail Resolution program was set up to help ensure adherence to probation/bail conditions to limit breaches and subsequent charges for people serving community sentences.

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Test-Link-Call Project

Are you living with chronic hepatitis C, or hepatitis B, or HIV infection? If you want help to connect to care, you may be eligible to join the Test, Link, Call (TLC) Project. TLC is a collaboration between Unlocking the Gates, BC Centre for Disease Control, and BC Hepatitis Network to help people who have experienced or are at risk of being criminalized to connect to care for hepatitis C, hepatitis B, or HIV treatment. 

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