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Unlocking The Gates


Donate $200 - $300

Contribute to a full day of 1-1 support for someone leaving prison.

Donate $100 – Purchase a backpack filled with essentials for someone leaving prison

What is the BACKstory? When someone is released from prison, they are provided with a clear plastic bag to carry all their personal belongings. This is easily identifiable by the public, especially in communities where prisons are located. This adds to the shame and humiliation of being released from prison. Purchasing a backpack helps people regain some dignity from the moment they are released.

Donate $25 - $100 – Provide a new outfit and a pair of shoes for someone leaving prison

Why clothes? Individuals are commonly released from prison wearing their prison issued clothing. This happens for many reasons. Sometimes people are arrested in the summer, in flip-flops and shorts, and then released in the winter with snow on the ground. Sometimes people gain weight in prison and their clothes no longer fit them. Sometimes the clothes they were arrested in have been sitting, unwashed for months or years, and they stink. Whatever the reason, when people are released in their prison clothes they are easily identified by the public, and by the police. People leaving prison describe this as humiliating and also dangerous. Having a clean outfit to wear reduces the stress and anxiety of being released from prison, and can mean the world of a difference.